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Customer Testimonials

Fantastic art drawing class and the greatest teacher we have ever met before! We have got 

two kids at Art4kidz and they all enjoy the 

class very much

Coco Zhang

My two have loved their art works and what they have been able to achieve under Carma's guidance. They look forward to every lesson and always come out smiling.

Lisa D

My five-year-old daughter Emily has been doing ART4KIDZ’s Saturday morning session for nearly two terms. She benefits a lot. By doing these lessons, Emily learned not only drawing skills but also social skills. She says she knows how to use ruler to draw different shapes, to measure what’s small and what’s big. What she enjoyed most is to draw owl and dragon. Emily is shy and a perfectionist. She does not want to make any mistakes. She used to be very stressed and cry when she felt something was challenging. Now Emily knows there is no wrong and right about art. Every kid is unique and so is her/his drawing. Emily enjoys lessons very much now and barely cries. She especially likes teacher Bianca. She thinks Bianca is kind, gentle and pretty. I am happy to see Emily is comfortable and confident in her drawing class. Emily’s mum—-

Shuge Zhang

My son Chris has APD ,ADD and Dyspraxia. Art has helped his self esteem and this is a place where he can vent all his feelings and frustrations into his art. Carma has made his gift shine and has made Chris very comfortable in his surroundings and with her. He will never change art classes for anything as Carma is his life. Carma understands his disabilities and this means a lot to Chris as he is often misunderstood by his teachers. Thanks Carma for lightening up Christopher's path of life.

Colleen - ( Proud Mum)

My son is 10 and he loves his Thursday night painting class and he his learning more and more in every class with Carma. I would highly recommend this art class for any child wanting to learn in a friendly environment.

Janine Oxley

My daughter Claire always mentions to me that drawing in Art4Kidz class is her most favorite after school activity. She loves to sketch her favorite animals in the class and meet new friends. Carma has been an awesome teacher. I have been receiving invaluable feedback with regards to Claire's activities in class from her. In summary, I highly recommend Art4Kidz as a after school activity provider.

Benson Zhong

My son Dylan has been going to the Painting class for 3 terms now and says it is fun, every lesson he learns new skills on how to use a paint brush and how to mix paint. They always do amazing art work. He has Asperger and is the oldest in the class, but is always happy to go. He likes how comfortable Carma makes him feel and guides him.

Karen Ashdown

My son Harry is 5.5 years old. When I ask him how he feels about Art4kidz he says "Good" but he cannot explain what good means to him, but I feel he is more confident to draw and every time are quite happy!

Betty Wang

Thank you Carma for teaching Chunglong. I can see how big difference is from the beginning (not willing to draw) to now. And how amazing to see him to apply the skill which he learn from Art4kidz to his own drawings. Look forward to see big improvements from my son and will definitely report it again here

Mee Lui

Dear Carma, you are great art teacher not only in teaching art but also in caring children. you always give extra time to let them finish their current art works. always listen to what they want to draw and counted into your next lesson. You were with my children when I am running late to pick up them. You are my children's dearest art teacher!

Na Xu

My son Ryan loves his art lessons with Carma! His art skills have improved exponentially & it is wonderful watching his process as well as his creativity develop. I highly recommend these art lessons. Thanks Carma!

Morag Ward

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