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Carma Jewell welcomes you to ART4KIDZ, the Art Playground for children! Studio in William Souter Street, Forrest Hill



Quote from the owner - Carma Jewell - "I love children as much as I love art, when you combine the two you get ART4KIDZ....."

Children love to have fun, they love to laugh and they love the simple colorful things in life. Art4kidz provides a fun filled environment for young children to express, grow, create and build self confidence through Art! We offer creative drawing classes, painting with brushes and finger/hand painting.

Our motto is that there are no mistakes in art, and if you are not having fun then you are not creating art. Allowing your child to create art without fear of making mistakes and allowing them to freely express their ability as they grow from strength to strength will help them to build their self confidence and to believe in their ability to create art at their own pace.

For Art4kidz it is important what each drawing teaches your child. We have structured lessons but allow creativity so that each child has their own ideas added to the drawings. We recognize that children have their own unique personalities, some are shy, some are outspoken and entertaining, some can sit still while others need to be active, we therefore find effective ways to teach all those different personalities in one class rather than to box the children into one fit.

Our program offers the following options:

Art lessons for 3.5 to 5 year old - educational fun with a variety of art materials (please enquire)

Art lessons for 5 to 7 year old children with fun techniques to keep their young personalities stay focused whilst having FUN!

Combo lessons for age 7.5 to 10 -  children will draw and also experience acrylic painting on canvas

Painting Lessons for 8 to 15 year old children - this is done on canvas with Acrylic paint.

Please go to the ABOUT section to find out more about the benefits our exciting program has for your precious children, the types of programs offered and the times.

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